Tuesday, March 26, 2019 10:50 PM
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Sealants vs Waxes

Posted last August 17, 2011, 9:27 am in Product Search report article

Sealants vs Waxes Artdeshine provides customers with accurate technical information and full understanding of the differences between waxes and sealants. Furthermore , it also helps to sell their own services better. The information provides by artdeshine is not base on assumption or self explanatory. All are provided by the manufacture Technical data. Product only promotes the basic data and function which can attract customer liking . “your car has a clear-coat finish, it never needs any kind of waxing.” Or, “you have purchase a lifetime paint sealant protection, your car never needs to be waxed.” By simple definition is paint sealant which something that seals. Or can said anything apply on clear coat is sealed. But, does not a wax seal? So is it not a sealant too? Technically speaking you are correct. But typically automotive waxes are not thought of as a sealing product. Sealants may have wax in the formulation but they are more than just a wax because they contain, as mentioned earlier, amino-functional silicone fluids in them. If a wax contained amino-functional silicones then it properly speaking is not a wax by our definition, but a paint sealant. There are waxes on the market that are formulated with amino-functional silicones and are marketed as having a longer life than other waxes. This is done because the marketing department feels that it needs to market a wax to compete with other products, but needs a wax, that has longer durablity. It has nothing to do with the chemistry of the product, just what is included and what the selling company chooses to call it. A paint sealant for all intents and purposes contains as a key ingredient, amino-functional silicone fluids which form a cross-linking film over the surface of the paint that forms a durable barrier on the paint that will, in fact, last longer than wax, sitting on the surface of the paint. Sealants, like waxes, contain: water, solvents, oils, wax, color, fragrance held together by emulsifiers. They are usually available in liquid or cremes, but not in paste form, which I suspect has to do with marketing more than anything else. Often on the label of the sealant product or in marketing material you will see terms such as “polymers and resins”. These are really nothing but marketing buzz words intended to make their products sound better, when in fact, all products have polymers and resins in them. What you must understand is what a POLYMER and a RESIN are to be completely knowledgeable.