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Why Personal Training?

Posted last July 27, 2011, 11:46 pm in Sports report article

Most people have no problem heading to the gym, hitting the weights or treadmill, have a good sweat and hope to improve their fitness level one way or the other. Then why personal training?  Why is there a need for someone to guide you towards your fitness goal?

Everyone has their own fitness goals which are unique and specific; you may want to lose 10 pounds of body fat around your waist for aesthetic purposes while an obese person wants to lose that same amount of weight for health purposes, you may want to build up a well-respected chest while the other guy right across you in a gym desire a six-pack like our local artist, Vincent Ng. You get the picture. Reaching one ultimate fitness goals is like locating an exit in a maze, now, I want you to imagine that you are walking in a maze, trying to find your way out and you will realized that you make a lot of wrong turns, wasting precious time and energy. If I give you a tool that will enable you to locate the exit using a bird’s eye view, each time and energy spend on each turn will be align with reaching the final destination. This tool in fitness goals – Personal Training.


A professional personal trainer is someone who is educated in the science of fitness and who have walked through the maze themselves, and therefore, possessed the experience and knowledge to guide you in each and every step you take, minimizing your own mistake and maximizing result.

Through the use of fitness assessment, a personal trainer will be able to pin point the strength and weakness of each client to design fitness program that is customized to them and to measure their improvement as the session progresses. Each personal trainer will align your exercise regime with the client’s goal and will take care of all aspects of this process such as exercise technique, workout routine and nutritional plan. Hiring a personal training is also an act of commitment to each person’s fitness goal as they have to adhere to a training program and diet prescribed by their trainer. One of the most important benefits of hiring a personal training is motivation; A trainer will motivate each client to push beyond their own comfort level to achieve maximum result – something that is difficult to do it on own without motivation. The ultimate goal of personal training is not only to help clients reach their fitness goal, but also to equipped each individual with the knowledge and motivation to do so themselves and positively influence the others to do the same; a change in their fitness lifestyle. That is why we call ourselves, Metamorphosis Fitness; we transform you and your life.


Written by:
Benson Poh
Personal Trainer

Metamorphosis Fitness LLP