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Digitize Your Clinic with EMR Based Clinic Management System & Reach the Next Level of Success

Posted last October 3, 2016, 2:17 am in Services report article




Are you still inundated with piles and piles of paper files in your clinic? Still using the paper-based files for storing patient's data? You are not alone. The concept of 'paper-free office' using clinic management system has yet to be considered as the standard practices among the most of the small and medium medical clinics.


What is Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System?


Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a digital version of paper charting. The modern clinical setups are using EMR system to digitize their practices. An EMR keeps the patient data in a secure online system. The retention and retrieval of data can be done in just a few clicks of the mouse. There are many advantages of EMR than the paper filing system.


What's Holding Clinic Practices Back from Using EMR based Clinic Software?


Despite a range of significant advantages came along with online clinic management software Singapore, many clinical practices are using the traditional method. The healthcare centers are often unaware that implementing a paper-free solution will allow them to save thousand of dollars each year while streamlining their various activities. An EMR based Clinic Management System could be the best bet when it comes to automation of your clinical setup.


Transition from Paper-based Filing to EMR


The best part of the transition from paper filing system to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is that it will empower the doctors and medical staff to deliver high-quality patient care. It saves a huge stack of money, time, energy and resource which you could use to improve the healthcare facility of the clinic. The doctors and practitioners get more time with patients by adopting a web-based clinic management system in Singapore as it streamlines the workflow.


Essentially, reducing paper dependency or adopting a clinic management system that integrates EMR does not necessarily require a hefty of amount. You can buy a cost-effective medical software Singapore and move to digital records while keeping the option of outputting key documents to paper charts.


Benefits of Online Clinic Management System with EMR


In a digitized clinical setup, the patient data and doctors decisions are always accurate, safe and instant. When you install a clinic management system, you get the following benefits:


  • Better Patient Experience: Patients are no longer needed to wait in queues. With improved patients data documentation, they get a better experience. There are no more errors and delays related to patients data, doctor orders, prescriptions, and reimbursement.


  • Improved Quality of Care: The comprehensive online solutions of patient record has reduced the human dependency level. It, eventually, minimize the chances of errors, misplacement of data and other issues. Now, GP practitioners can easily get access to the patient's data, whenever needed. It helps the physician to deliver a better quality of patient care.


  • Boost Resources Productivity: Streamlining of workflow, through the use of medical software, frees up the GP practitioners and medical staff. They have more time for productive work of the clinics as there will be no disruptive works such as searching missing files, data, and other labor-intensive works.


  • Enhanced Business Efficiency:  With a good clinic software, you do not need to do the tasks repetitively. Once the data is stored in the system, it can be accessed from various places by the authorized users. Less manual resources and physical spaces are required to manage the records. It reduces the risk of errors and improves the efficiency of the clinics.



Useful Features of Clinic Management System:


  • Electronic Medical Records

  • International Code of Diagnosis

  • In-built Queue System

  • Appointment and Scheduling and Reminders

  • Billing and payment

  • Consultation

  • Inventory

  • Reports

  • Email & SMS Management


Lastly, you can achieve the next level of success in your medical practice by using a safe and affordable clinic management system from trusted vendors such as SBS Consulting. Reiterating, such software helps you improve the business efficiency and boost productivity, which is essential for success. Thus, it has become a necessity to digitize your clinical practice in order to deliver modern and patient-centric care.